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“WelcomeChiropractors focus on your overall lifestyle. In the past several years, Carefree Chiropractic has been providing services to patients suffering from various illnesses and lifestyle problems. We have been a reliable and trustworthy Colorado Springs Chiropractor office because of our high level of commitment and dedication. We understand that every individual has different needs and requirements. Thus, we determine customized therapy programs to make sure you receive the best results.

Here are some of the services offered by Carefree Chiropractic are given below:

Arthritis – Chiropractic treatment for arthritis is very beneficial. We work on your spine to correct subluxation and all kinds of imbalances. We also use acupressure with manipulation to treat arthritis.
Back Pain – We will take your medical history and perform a thorough medical examination, conduct lab tests and diagnose your condition to provide a better course of treatment. We will manipulate your joints using a sudden, but controlled force to improve the quality and range of motion. We will also provide nutritional counseling to make sure you receive better results.
Car Accident – After a car accident, it is always wise to visit a chiropractor. A chiropractor makes sure your spine has not become misaligned because of the impact, and you have not sustained any serious internal injuries.
Carpal Tunnel – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is commonly caused by repetitive motion. A chiropractor conducts a physical examination and order X-rays. Chiropractic treatment will focus on your affected elbow and wrist. It also focuses on adjustment of upper spine.
Headache – We will perform chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation to alleviate stress and improve spinal function. We will also give proper advice to our patients regarding essential nutritional requirements, relaxation techniques and proper body postures.
Neck Pain – We will also conduct neurological and physical examinations. During the exam, we will observe your range of motion, posture, physical condition and other aspects of your health. The doctor will feel note the curvature of your spine, muscle spasm and alignment. He will also conduct a thorough examination of your shoulder area to rule out any major problems and understand your muscle strength, reflexes, pain spread and nerve changes.
Pregnancy – During pregnancy, a woman experience many different endocrinological and physiological changes. We will help you get used to these changes while establishing pelvic alignment and balance.
Sciatica – Sciatica is a nerve related problem. Like all nerves, Sciatic is also caused from a problem related to the spinal column. Since our service deals with the entire spinal column, it is quite effective for Sciatica.


Carefree Chiropractic has been providing exceptional services to patients for a long time. We have a comfortable office with highly qualified and well trained professionals. The environment is friendly and peaceful. Moreover, we are located centrally for easy access. Carefree Chiropractic also accepts most insurance and works with the best medical professionals and attorneys. Just give us a call today and book an appointment.


    I couldn’t do my job if it wasn’t for the wonderful care I receive on a weekly basis from these two amazing Doctors. Thank you Carefree Chiropractic! Read More

    Erin H
    I’ve been seeing Dr. Johnson for over 4 years and highly recommend him to any of my friends or family. Having scoliosis for over 20 years I needed chiropractic care just to function. Carefree is a great place with the most amazing staff! Read More

    Patient with Scoliosis
  • I came to Carefree Chiropractic because I had been having problems with my back since I started track in my freshman year of high school. I noticed results as soon as I started getting adjusted. I would recommend Carefree Chiropractic to anyone I know! Read More

    Long Term Back Problems

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