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“AllergyAllergies are considered to be a very common occurrence. According to the Allergy Report from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness and usually develop during childhood or early adulthood. With more than 20% of Americans suffering from allergies, it’s more important than ever to address the cause of allergies instead of just placing a band-aid on the symptoms.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

It comes as a surprise to many people when they hear that chiropractic care can help allergies. It is important to first understand what causes a person’s body to suffer an allergic reaction in the first place.

Your immune system normally protects your body against harmful viruses and bacteria, as well as foreign matters known as allergens. Allergens are generally benign and don’t cause most people any problems.

But a person with allergies has an oversensitive or unhealthy immune system. When it identifies an allergen, the body’s immune system responds by releasing chemicals like histamines. Histamines are what cause allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and wheezing.

This is why many allergy medications are called “antihistamines”. Allergy medications are the most popular way of coping with the unpleasant effects of an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, antihistamines only address the symptoms, not the cause, of allergies. More alarming is the fact that antihistamines used over a long period of time, or that are combined with other medication, can be deadly. Recently, Canadian researcher Lorne Brandes, in an article published in the May 1994 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, has produced research showing that certain antihistamines (Claritin, Hismanal and Atarax) make cancerous tumors grow faster in lab rodents.

A More Natural Approach

At Carefree Chiropractic, our approach is always to care for you without any drugs, in the most natural way possible. Our approach to treating allergy problems is quite simple: a healthy spine means a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system means a healthier you, with a body that can easily adapt to any allergens it encounters.

Chiropractic care doesn’t “cure” allergies. Instead of focusing our attention on the vast number of potential allergens that may be causing your symptoms, we find and care for the disturbances in your new nervous system. Through gentle adjustments to the subluxations in your spine, we can ensure that your nervous system is healthy.

Before you reach for another dose of antihistamines, give our office a call. The caring doctors and staff at Carefree Chiropractic would love to talk with about how we can help you heal from suffering any more allergy symptoms.

For more information about how Chiropractic Care can help treat allergies, please fill out the form to the right or call us to schedule a concultative appointment at 719-572-0211.


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