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“ArthritisAs a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs, I have had a lot of people ask me about their problems with their spine and when I ask them more questions oftentimes they will tell me, ” Well, I was told I should not get adjustments or chiropractic care because I got arthritis”.

There are different things to know about arthritis and one chiropractic oriented idea that people need to understand is that arthritity in the spine is actually a symptom of spinal related problems. What I mean by that is the arthritity seen on x-rays is bone spurs, disc thinning, changes with the actual structure of the spine, arthritic degenerative joint changes and things like that. These actually stem from ill health that has been occurring in the spine and which could have been occurring for 15-20 years before a person is really aware of it. That’s why we like to check peoples spines just as a screening to see how healthy the spine is. The chain of events happens that the person will have mild to moderate nerve pressure that really does not create any kind of a symptom but causes the dysfunction in the spine. What happens is, with the pressure on the nervous system, that causes the change in how well the tissue is working around the spine because the nerve impulses around the spine are not stimulating the muscle and the tissue adjoining the spine correctly. The body perceived the pressure on the nerve and it creates compensation. One way it will compensate for that is that to move away from the area of pressure or it actually causes fixation where the joints in the spine are not going to move correctly. Once that lack of movement occurs, within a fourteen day period of that happening, deterioration starts. It’s important to understand when we are talking about the initiation of deterioration that it is at a microscopic level. So, if you can envision a bone on top of a bone and a disc between there, all the fibers and the tissue, then the nerves coming off of each side, then the joints coming off of the back. When we have trauma or injury inside that causes the change in the tissue structure and it can cause pressure on the nerves. Those components are the initiation of the whole process that begins the deterioration. because the majority of the time when we see points on an x-ray it’s very distinguished at a specific segment. It’s not an arthritic rampant change that’s happening through the whole spine, it’s very specific segments that are actually deteriorating at that point .

Chiropractically, the beauty is that as we reinstate the integrity of motion in the spine we slow that process. We can still get pressure off of the nervous system which alleviates what the person is experiencing as far as symptoms. We are actually able to restore the health of the spine inside by restoring the motion and getting the balance back and getting the pressure off of the nervous system therefore allowing the body to get into a healing state. The body understands how to heal correctly it just needs a little bit of help and that is the job of the chiropractic adjustment, to get in there increase the balance, decrease the pressure on the nervous system and make sure that we can get health restored. Alto of people are under the impression that they have sciatica and they are told that” it is due to arthritity in their back”, ” I have headaches but I have arthritis in my neck”. That may be true that they had the findings that there were changes in the joints, but it’s not true that you can’t get results, because you can get fantastic results by taking the pressure off of the nerves. Remember the changes in the joint and the bone spurs growing there is an association with the problem in the spine that does not tell the whole history of how that pressure is being applied and that is the art of the chiropractic adjustment. to be able to release that pressure. We can release the pressure and get the person feeling fantastic and make sure we get those changes restored in a positive way to stop that arthritity from continuing.


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