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“headacheA common question asked is, can chiropractic help headaches? Headaches are one of the most popular things we take care of and it revolves around understanding that headaches are similar to someone experiencing pain down into their arm or sciatica down into their leg.

To explain it, there is pressure that develops in the upper cervical spine, usually that’s the most common spot, though it can be the lower cervical area too. With pressure in the upper cervical spine there are nerve impulses that cross right through the brain stem at the upper part of the spine that get stressed. Once they get stressed they start to fire distorted nerve impulses. Simply, a headache is the experience of the deviation of the proper nervous system function. That is a symptom of the over-stimulation of the nervous system, just like any other system of the body. That over-stimulation also effects cognitive, though it creates a kind of fog when thinking and this can be quite debilitating. Symptoms even include sensitivity to light. Different factors through the day are going to be factors for folks. This is one of the top things we want to take care of because it can be very debilitating. As far as the daily function of an individual. It is probably one of the easiest things to correct and see changed through chiropractic care. The adjustments are extremely effective and the upper cervical spine is one of the most important parts of the spine to check to make sure that everything is balanced and everything doesn’t have any pressure on it because that’s where all the nerve impulses are traveling from the brain to the body and from the body back up to the brain, through that upper cervical spine. So that’s one of the most important points to make sure that we have a clarity and we don’t have pressure on that nervous system.

People have questions on what type of headaches chiropractic can help. Some have made the statement, “I was diagnosed with migraines”. It is so common that people with really bad headaches are told that they are experiencing migraines. Actually, the majority of time that’s not factually true. The majority of time, headaches are stemming from muscular skeletal tension in the upper cervical spine, and they can be severe and debilitating. Oftentimes, those debilitating headaches are called cluster headaches. The difference is that a true migraine is more chemically orientated (called hemisyphelgic- which means half of the head) and is preceded by some type of an aura, twinkly lights, sensory changes with their taste or even with their sense of smell before they get hit with the headache. That is a little bit different as far as the care of that and can definitely be managed through chiropractic care also. But the majority of headaches that are really bad are in that cluster headache group. A lot of people have a multitude of many different types of headaches ranging from severe, to average, to low grade. It’s unfortunate because chiropractic can so effectively and efficiently clear out all of that and make sure the person is enjoying life.


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