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“testimonialsThanks Dr. Johnson

Have been visiting with Carefree Chiropractic for several years receiving Chiropractic treatments for my back, neck, wrists, headache pains. I had about 6 months that I was unable to get care with Dr. Johnson and found I was in a lot of pain and felt like I was 90 years old! With my consistent treatments for all of my pain issues, I have de-aged to at least 60! I am getting there. They are very patient with my appts. as I work all over southern Colorado and am not always too prompt and I appreciate their tolerance of me. What a great atmosphere of kindness and positive thinking! I will continue to trust Carefree Chiropractic for many years to come.

Neck and Back Pain Fixed!
Having come with neck and back pains. I now have good movement and a pain free neck. My back is stronger, and I am able to sit and travel long distancts without pain in my lower back. This is a very welcoming and caring practice. They want to know how you are, and take time to listen. I have enjoyed my 1 1/2 here, and will continue to maintenance my health.

Hurt In Car Accident
I had a car accident about 2 years ago and was experiencing alot of pain, numbness, and discomfort. I went to a chiropractor and was not feeling any better, i was recommended to Dr. J and WOW! I am more active now, the pain has subsided, and so has most of the numbness, i look forward to coming in and getting adjusted to get my day started right, Thank you Dr J and his wonderful staff.

Injured On The Job
In 1999 i was injured on the job. My whole life changed. Could not lift over 50 lbs, shoveling snow and raking leaves would cause back pain. I Was going to another Chiropractor and was not getting any better. I thought that i was always going to be that way. Then I started to go to Carefree Chiropractic in 2007; now I am able to lift over 50 lbs and rake and shovel all day. Thanks to Dr.Johnson.

Direct Benefit
I broke my back (L1) in 2006 in a car wreck. I and have seen 4 chiropractors, been to yoga for a year, gotten lots of great massages, do my core exercises when I can, and I feel I need back support in order to feel less back pain. Dr Johnson has been the first chiropractor where I feel a direct benefit every visit I make! I do recommend Dr J. to my friends with back issues as life is fast – so live it well!

Suffering From Dizzy Spells
I have been suffering from dizzy spells, blackouts, severe weakness and and a big loss of strength in my legs, making it very difficult to walk even a short distance, for the past 6 to 8 months. When I experienced this, I would also have discomfort in my back between my shoulder blades. Often, when this occurred I felt like I was just going to keel over and die. I was referred to Dr. Johnson by a friend. Since I started coming to Dr. Johnson, I have been improving with each adjustment. Now, after my last adjustment, I have not had one dizzy spell or blackout and I feel so different. I have lots more strength in my legs, no difficulty breathing and generally lots more strength. I feel great. Just the fact that I don’t feel like I am going to drop dead is a great relief. Dr. Johnson is great at what he does and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Helped With Baby Delivery
Dr. Doug is great! I had some serious pain in my back while I was pregnant. One adjustment and it was gone! I kept going to get an adjustment up until I had my baby, and I had a very easy delivery! Thank You Dr. Johnson.

Terrible Lower Back Pain
My friend referred me to Dr. J in May. Now in August and Im feeling so much better. I could barely get out of bed. Lower back pain made that a hard thing. I’m too young for that! I noticed results within the first 3 weeks. I have chosen to maintain my health with chiropractic. The office staff is SO nice and they have great music! I recommend Carefree Chiropractic’s services all the time!


    I couldn’t do my job if it wasn’t for the wonderful care I receive on a weekly basis from these two amazing Doctors. Thank you Carefree Chiropractic! Read More

    Erin H
    I’ve been seeing Dr. Johnson for over 4 years and highly recommend him to any of my friends or family. Having scoliosis for over 20 years I needed chiropractic care just to function. Carefree is a great place with the most amazing staff! Read More

    Patient with Scoliosis
  • I came to Carefree Chiropractic because I had been having problems with my back since I started track in my freshman year of high school. I noticed results as soon as I started getting adjusted. I would recommend Carefree Chiropractic to anyone I know! Read More

    Long Term Back Problems

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