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“NeckOne of the most common things I get asked about and one of the higher levels of complaints I get is about neck pain. It is very common. Neck pain is very simply an irritation of the nerve, that’s what causes pain. There is an irritation, an imbalance, a structural change. That’s associated with what we call a vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation or a misalignment of the spine creates functional changes, in an ill health way, where the spine is not moving correctly and there is pressure or tension on the nerve root. When that happens to the body, in its effort to compensate, is going to create a fixation or blockage that will cause stiffness or rigidity which then accelerates the whole problem developing more into symptoms. A lot of people do not really realize how this occurred. They will say, “I’ve got this pain in my neck and I don’t know what happened to me”. I can’t tell them because there are so many different factors in a person’s life that cause the accumulative effect creating a problem that it is really hard to say specifically.

But very common things that people need to understand is that it can go all the way back to birth, just coming through the birthing canal, the compression on the nerve. A baby is not going to come out having neck pain, headaches or things like that but it is at that point we see different health conditions, inability to thrive, very common the term “colic” is an uncomfortable baby that their physiology is not working correctly. Then if we think back to our childhood and some of the crazy things we may have done as kids, some of the accidents we may have had tumbling head over heels, jumping off the garage or out of a tree and things like that. Those things at the time may have caused a little discomfort or maybe not. But it’s that microscopic trauma that the spine grew with and developed and then that area of instability continued to have different elements of stress added to it through time which created an area of inadaptability with the spine not being able to adapt correctly. The nerve is more susceptible to stressors, then the stressors culminate. The neck pain is a warning signal. It’s not the pain we want to take care of; it’s the cause of the pain. So taking the medication, rubbing the muscle, and different things that are the outside in thinking to get the pain controlled will not stop it for long.

Chiropractically, we think from the inside. We are thinking about getting the cause, the initiation of the pain resolved. And past that, we want to make sure that the area is fully reconstructed and that we are actually correcting that part of the spine, otherwise that pressure on the nerve is just going to be a reoccurrence and the whole reconstruction part is where we are going to create the win because we need to make sure we get the pressure off the nerve so that we can restore health inside the body.


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