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For years, Carefree Chiropractic has been treating patients struggling with various illnesses and structural issues. Thanks to the incredible dedication of our professionals, we've seen so many people's lives changed through the healing powers of chiropractic care. We're ready to offer you a customized care plan to suit your individual needs and get you the best results possible.


Chiropractic is incredibly effective against arthritis symptoms. We'll pinpoint the subluxations and imbalances to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation, and eliminate pain.

Back Pain

Back pain has many causes. That's why we're careful to examine your medical history and perform a thorough medical examination before we begin treatment. From there, we'll be able to put together a customized treatment plan to get you the best results possible.

Car Accident

If you've recently been in a car crash, it's extremely important to get a chiropractic evaluation. We'll make sure your spine has not become misaligned or injured from the impact, and we'll even help you prevent further damage from occurring.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is typically caused by repetitive motions. It's a common issue nowadays (thank you, desk jobs), and the symptoms can be incredibly frustrating. But we'll work with you to overcome the issue. First, we'll conduct a physical examination and X-rays, if necessary. From there, we'll focus on your elbow, wrist, and upper spine.


Believe it or not, headaches aren't just caused by stress. More often than not, they're from poor spine health. That's why we'll go to work on your spine to alleviate joint stress and improve spinal function.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is excruciating. Just like back pain, neck pain can be caused by just about anything. Whenever we treat neck pain, we always conduct neurological and physical examinations to observe your range of motion, posture, and physical condition. After a thorough examination, we'll be able to come up with a treatment plan that best suits your condition.


During pregnancy, a woman experiences many different endocrinological and physiological changes. We'll help you get used to these changes while establishing healthy pelvic alignment and balance.


Sciatica is a nerve-related problem. Like all nerves, the sciatic nerve can become agitated by problems in the spinal column. Thankfully, that's why chiropractic care is so effective against the symptoms of sciatica.


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Carefree Chiropractic is a game changer! From the moment you walk in the door you will be handled by incredible people. The effect it has had on my pain is OUT of control! Love this place!

Joni WilliamsHeadache Relief

I have been visiting with Carefree Chiropractic for several years receiving Chiropractic treatments for my back, neck, wrists, and headache pains. I had about 6 months that I was unable to get care with Carefree and found I was in a lot of pain and felt like I was 90 years old! They are very patient with my appts. as I work all over southern Colorado and am not always too prompt and I appreciate their tolerance of me. What a great atmosphere of kindness and positive thinking! I will continue to trust Carefree Chiropractic for many years to come.

Aura BrooksThanks Carefree

Having come with neck and back pains. I now have good movement and a pain free neck. My back is stronger, and I am able to sit and travel long distances without pain in my lower back. This is a very welcoming and caring practice. They want to know how you are, and take time to listen. I have enjoyed my 1 1/2 years here, and will continue to maintain my health.

Eve CrawfordNeck and Back Pain Fixed!

In 1999 I was injured on the job. My whole life changed. I could not lift over 50 pounds, shoveling snow and raking leaves would cause back pain. I was going to another Chiropractor and was not getting any better. I thought that I was always going to be that way. Then I started to go to Carefree Chiropractic in 2007; now I am able to lift over 50 pounds and rake and shovel all day.

Jack GrahamInjured On The Job

I broke my back (L1) in 2006 in a car wreck. I have seen 4 chiropractors, been to yoga for a year, gotten lots of great massages, do my core exercises when I can, and I feel I need back support in order to feel less back pain. Carefree has been the first chiropractor where I feel a direct benefit every visit I make! I do recommend Carefree to my friends with back issues as life is fast – so live it well!

Zak ReidDirect Benefit

I have been suffering from dizzy spells, blackouts, severe weakness and and a big loss of strength in my legs making it very difficult to walk even a short distance, for the past 6 to 8 months. Often, when this occurred I felt like I was just going to keel over and die. I was referred to Carefree by a friend. Since I started coming to Carefree, I have been improving with each adjustment. Now, after my last adjustment, I have not had one dizzy spell or blackout and I feel so different. I have a lot more strength in my legs, no difficulty breathing, and generally lots more strength. I feel great.

Margaret RainesSuffering From Dizzy Spells

Carefree is great! I had some serious pain in my back while I was pregnant. One adjustment and it was gone! I kept going to get an adjustment up until I had my baby, and I had a very easy delivery! Thank you Carefree.

Madison GreerHelped With Baby Delivery

My friend referred me to Carefree in May. Now, in August and I'm feeling so much better. I could barely get out of bed. Lower back pain made that a hard thing. I’m too young for that! I noticed results within the first 3 weeks. I have chosen to maintain my health with chiropractic services. The office staff is SO nice and they have great music! I recommend Carefree Chiropractic’s services all the time!

Ben HarrisTerrible Lower Back Pain